Reno Celebrates Mardi Gras with Rotary Fundraiser

Bright costumes and colorful beads were everywhere as the Rotary Club of Reno celebrated Fat Tuesday while hosting its largest and brightest fundraising event at the Downtown Reno Ballroom. Highlights of the evening included wine tasting stations and food samples from local restaurants. We tasted everything from tacos to cajun food, topping the evening off […]

Let it Snow

As I talk to people out in town, many are happy for the snow, but they wish it would snow somewhere else for awhile! We love that the snowpack in the Sierra is 100% and that the ski resorts are seeing plenty of business. But it’s also nice to see the grass once in awhile, […]

Lear Theater to Open for Day-Long TEDx Event in June

Volunteers were busy this Saturday bringing the original pews back to the historic Lear Theater building in downtown Reno. They’re getting ready to host an all day TEDx conference there on June 6th. TEDx organizers want to combine history with new possibilities for the well-known venue. The Lear Theater, which was built as a church […]

13 Year-Old Cancer Survivor Visits Capitol Hill to Talk with Nevada Lawmakers

Bailey Johnson was diagnosed with cancer as a baby and has endured 13 years of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and a bone marrow transplant. Recently he traveled to Capitol Hill to tell his story to Nevada lawmakers and urge them to help fund research and treatment for children struggling with cancer. His grandmother Christy Smith and […]

Artown "Little Book" makes a comeback

Take out your highlighter and get ready to mark your favorite Artown events in the newly returned “little book” of Artown. The little book fits in your back pocket or purse an lists nearly 500 arts, culture, music and dance events that fill Northern Nevada during the month of July. Last year Artown published a […]

Sympathy, Support Flow into Local Newsroom

Newsrooms are competitive places.  Each news station driven to out-scoop the others and get the big story.  When KTVN Sportscaster JK Metzker was killed while crossing the street near UNR, all that flew out the window.  "I can't begin to express the gratitude we have for our friends in the local media – television, newspaper […]

Reno Teen Plays the Harp, wins the State 4 X 800 Relay and Lands Scholarship to East Coast Summer Writing & Film Program

Olivia Lowden spent an hour this weekend playing her harp for patients at a local hospital.  Then she put on her running shoes and knocked out a couple of miles on a training run.  She's also busy packing for a trip to Connecticut, where she landed a scholarship to attend a summer session at a […]