Roses Galore! Behind the Scenes at a Flower Store on Valentine's Eve

I got a chance to see the Floral Design Center at Sparks Florist on the day before Valentine's Day.  Imagine more than a thousand bouquets; big, small and in-between. And the smell is like a bouquet of roses on steroids.  Because Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday this year, more people order flowers. Why? Because they […]

How to Show 5,000 Marines You Care: Volunteers Mobilize Hospitality Effort at Reno-Tahoe Airport

What do you do when 5,000 hungry Marines arrive at the Reno-Tahoe Airport on their way to– and from– the biggest Marine Reserve Corps training exercise in the United States?  You find a way to feed them and give them shelter from the heat.
That's exactly what Perry DiLoreto, who heads the Nevada Military Support Alliance […]

Making Dreams Come True; Just Not Ours

What a disappointment to hear that Mark White, the tourism guy from Utah (who enthusiastically accepted the top job at RSCVA) has changed his mind.  That's right, he's not coming after all.  Family issues.  It's like your prom date leaving you halfway through the evening for the blonde he's known for years.  You get your […]

Mass-Casualty Drill Six Weeks Before Amtrak Train Crash Helped Emergency Responders Sharpen Their Skills

About a month before a truck crashed into an Amtrak train outside of Fallon, killing six people, emergency responders in Churchill County staged a mass-casualty drill at Churchill County High School to help hone the skills and coordination efforts of local, regional, state and federal agencies.
Officials dubbed the plan Operation ARCO (Aircraft Mishap Full Scale […]

Navy Responded to Amtrak Scene with Crash Crews, Flight Surgeons and Search and Rescue Choppers

Passengers on an Amtrak train that was struck by a semi-truck in the middle of the Nevada desert were surprised to see fire trucks and helicopters emblazoned with "U.S. Navy" participating in the rescue efforts.  NAS Fallon rushed crash crews, doctors and helicopters to the scene as part of a joint emergency response effort.
NAS Fallon […]

Governor Visits Train Crash Victims and Volunteers at Emergency Shelter in Fallon (see photos)

Volunteers who set up an emergency shelter in Fallon for survivors of the train crash near Lovelock Friday, were surprised and pleased to see Governor Brian Sandoval walking through the crowd and asking how things were going.
The Governor stopped by E.C. Best elementary school where hundreds of people were bussed after their train was hit […]

The Right Stuff: Chuck Yeager Wows Students in Reno with tales of Flying Jets and Breaking the Sound Barrier

General Chuck Yeager recently shared his incredible story of blasting through the sound barrier with students, teachers and guests at Sage Ridge School in Reno.  The parents of  Matthew Johnston, a senior at the school, invited Yeager to visit and talk about his adventures flying jets.
Yeager surprised the audience when he told them that only […]