Life at the Governor's Mansion: First Kids Make their Beds, Everyone Pitches In

After eight months as first family, Governor Brian Sandoval, his wife Kathleen, and their three children have settled into their new home at the governor's mansion in Carson City.  Recently I sat down with the first lady to find out about life in the mansion, and how she juggles family, the kids' school, her career and […]

How to Show 5,000 Marines You Care: Volunteers Mobilize Hospitality Effort at Reno-Tahoe Airport

What do you do when 5,000 hungry Marines arrive at the Reno-Tahoe Airport on their way to– and from– the biggest Marine Reserve Corps training exercise in the United States?  You find a way to feed them and give them shelter from the heat.
That's exactly what Perry DiLoreto, who heads the Nevada Military Support Alliance […]