Governor Visits Train Crash Victims and Volunteers at Emergency Shelter in Fallon (see photos)

Volunteers who set up an emergency shelter in Fallon for survivors of the train crash near Lovelock Friday, were surprised and pleased to see Governor Brian Sandoval walking through the crowd and asking how things were going.

The Governor stopped by E.C. Best elementary school where hundreds of people were bussed after their train was hit by a tractor trailer.  Emergency workers briefed the Governor on their efforts to take care of the passengers.  Survivors were given food, water, and other amenities and were able to call loved ones on special lines set up at the shelter.  Members of a local Boy Scout troop helped set up emergency supplies.  I'll have more later on how so many people came together to help, and how Churchill County has been preparing for this type of emergency for years.

Lane Dillon, Fallon City Councilman Bob Erickson, Erik Endacott, Governor Brian Sandoval and Alan Pineulas at E.C. Best Elementary School in Fallon. / Photo by Steve Endacott
Volunteers unload blankets for train crash victims at E.C. Best Elementary School in Fallon / Photo by Steve Endacott
Fallon resident Cyndi Kent-Dillon (on right) helps Amtrak passengers at E.C. Best Elementary School / Photo by Steve Endacott